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What is augmented reality and how does it work?

What is augmented reality and how does it work?

Augmented reality (AR) has seen huge growth in popularity the past 18 months, with many market-leading companies using this technology to drive product and service innovations. This includes the likes of Google, Facebook, and Microsoft – perhaps not surprisingly, when many experts say AR is the future. But what is augmented reality? And how does it work? In this blog we will run through just that, so you can try out this leading technology in your home, creating fun for the whole family. 

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality adds digital elements such as objects, graphics, and videos to your smartphone camera, giving the illusion that these digital features exist in your space in real life. It combines the real-world environment with a virtual world to create a mixed immersive experience, unlike virtual reality which places the user in an entirely fabricated environment. AR aims to blur the lines between the true physical world and the digital space. 

How does augmented reality work?

AR works by using cameras on your smartphone to understand your current real-life surroundings. Your mobile is then able to map certain objects within this space by using localisation and depth tracking. It then uses this knowledge to create digital content relative to your real-world environment to create a hyper-realistic alternative reality for the user. 

How can augmented reality be used?

There are many different types of augmented reality, and as such, it can be used to enhance many different experiences. The photo filters on Snapchat and Instagram are a type of AR, using your smartphone’s camera and tracking your face to overlay objects on top or morph its appearance. Online stores could use AR for users to digitally try on new clothes, make-up, or shoes. Many smartphone games also use AR to create an immersive and engaging experience, bringing fictional characters to life. And of course, our unique AR collectable discs put this technology front and centre to create something totally immersive.  

How do AR Discs work?

Our augmented reality discs are collectable discs, each with a unique DreamWorks character that can be brought to life thanks to the magic of AR. Simply download our free app via our website or from the App Store or Google Play, and point your smartphone camera at the disc. The advanced AR image recognition will know which character disc you’re holding and overlay realistic video content of your character relative to your current environment, so it appears as if they are really there next to you!

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