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Where Can I Purchase AR Collectible Discs?

Where Can I Purchase AR Collectible Discs?

Whether you’re a long-time collectibles collector, or you simply want cool AR tech gift that your children or grandkids will play with for hours, our DreamWorks AR Discs packs are a great choice. 

Not only are our AR disc collectibles appealing in the traditional way that trading cards have always been, but with AR image and video content stored inside when using the relevant tech – you get the best of both worlds and become part of the next generation of collectables.

You’re probably thinking “This sounds great, but where can I get my hands on some?”. That’s why we’ve created this handy mini-guide, showing you how to purchase our both online and in-store.   

Retail stores

Currently available in over 5000 retail stores across the UK, taking a trip to your local Sainsbury’s, Spar, WHSmith, McColl’s and One Stop can see you land a pack of our DreamWorks AR Discs. 

Let’s face it, there’s no better way of reigniting treasured childhood memories of buying trading cards, football stickers and pogs now dominating the attics of many a family household, than by physically going in store to pick up our latest must-have collectibles. 

Online with Amazon

The natural evolution of the traditional trading card means the methods of buying collectibles have also changed. If you prefer to add to your collection online or buy our AR Discs as a gift, then you can pick up Individual Blind Bags, Three Pack AR Discs or the AR Discs Starter Pack from the Amazon store. 

With availability across UK, US and Europe stores, you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to shipping across the world, ensuring as many people you are close to as possible can experience the joy of holding augmented worlds in the palms of their hands. 

How many collectible character discs can I buy?

Currently, you can collect up to 80 AR Discs of iconic characters across the DreamWorks universe, with much more to come in 2021 and beyond through our unique partnerships with the likes of Nickelodeon. 

Spanning 25 years of glorious animated sequences, collectors will want to look out for two gold limited edition discs, while kids over the age of six will barely be able to contain their excitement when you bring home another pack to add to their growing AR Discs collection. 

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