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Our Top 5 Favourite DreamWorks AR Characters

We’re immensely proud to be partnered with the legendary Universal DreamWorks brand, responsible for some of the most celebrated animated kids and family films of the last few decades. 

With AR Discs, some of your favourite characters are brought to life through augmented reality technology, letting you see and engage with your animated heroes as they appear before your very eyes in your home or while out and about!

Listed below are some of our favourite characters that are available to collect today:   

Shrek (Shrek, 2001)

The loveable Scottish ogre has to be one of our most prized collectables. 

Just like in the films, while he can seem a little scary and intimidating at first, the more we get to know him, the more we see his endearing and courageous side, particularly when rescuing Princess Fiona from the castle with the help of Donkey. 

Once you’ve bagged Shrek in one of our DreamWorks packs, simply download the AR Discs app and discover which movie clip is stored inside!

Poppy (Trolls, 2016)

Eventually going on to be Queen of the Trolls, Princess Poppy is a much-loved AR Discs collectable.

With her happy-go-lucky personality, rosy cheeks and glittering freckles, Poppy is always positive, and is probably why she is adored by her friend in The Snack Pack. 

Calm in dangerous situations, always believing in herself and willing to help her friends when they need her, you’ll jump up with excitement when finding Poppy in our collectibles.    

Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon, 2010) 

Collecting the Toothless AR Disc means you can find out all the interesting facts available about this 20-year-old dragon. 

Not your typical frightening dragon, you’ll see from our AR movie clip that Toothless is protective, loyal and mostly harmless, unless someone is trying to attack his best friend and owner Hiccup that is. 

Po (Kung Foo Panda, 2008)

How could we pick anyone else from the action-packed, Kung Fu meets panda animation blockbuster? 

Get more information on Po and watch him in action as you hover over his collectible disc with your smartphone or tablet. 

Discover how his appreciation of all things martial arts leads him to be chosen as the champion of the Valley of Peace. 

Marty (Madagascar, 2005) 

Laugh along with Marty and the Madagascar crew as they come alive right in front of you!

Having started life in Central Park Zoo, he escapes with his best friend Alex the lion, as well as Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo. 

One of the funniest film collections to come out of DreamWorks in recent years, you’ll want to track down Marty and co as soon as possible!