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How to Get Started with AR Collectables

How to Get Started with AR Collectables

Whether you’re browsing our website as we speak wanting to find out more about our augmented reality collectables, or you’re staring at a DreamWorks character disc in your hand at this very moment wondering how it all works. 

In this article, we want to give you the lowdown on how to use your smartphone or tablet to unlock the magical animated worlds found within each collectible disc.  

Check your tech

To download the AR Discs app from the Apple Store, you will need to make sure you have an iPhone model that’s compatible with the Apple operating system known as iOS with version 11.0 or later installed. 

The same goes for when you’re using an iPad or an iPod touch, while Mac users will need macOS version 11 or later and a Mac with at least an M1 processor chip to make sure the augmented reality features run as smoothly as possible. 

If you have an Android phone, then you can also download our app from the Google Play store if you have Android OS version 8.0 and up. 

Using the AR Discs app

Once you’ve booted up the app on your device, you should see the screen below after accepting access to your camera (don’t worry, this is only for the purposes of interactive with your collectible discs): 


Place your AR Disc on a table, carpet, or any other surface where the shiny character logo is positioned facing your camera phone or tablet.

Make sure that the settings in your camera are showing the collectible and not facing yourself as you would when taking a selfie!

This will then activate all of the augmented reality features within your character disk.   

What AR features are included?

Here’s where the fun really begins! You will now have the option to view video content related to your character and the film or TV show they are in:

  • View standout clips from your favourite DreamWorks films and other TV networks
  • Discover more information about characters you love, and ones you want to know more about
  • The closer you move your phone or tablet to the discs, the larger the video and picture image
  • Rare Gold Discs are unique and allows you to view your character in 3D – they will feel close enough to touch!

Want to know more about our augmented reality collectables? Head over to our shop section and have a look around!