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Why augmented reality holds the future of collectables

Why augmented reality holds the future of collectables

Augmented reality (AR) has soared in popularity in recent years. As the name suggests, this is a technology that augments our reality by integrating digital graphics with the real world around us to produce an illusion that morphs our environment. While the technology is popular on social media, online shopping, and gaming, we firmly believe it’s also the future of collectables. Here’s why: 

Use it to bring your collections to life

While collecting trading cards and swapping among friends and family brings a feeling of nostalgia, AR collectables are a whole new ballgame. Instead of looking at your cards in a book or display case, you can now interact with your collectables in an entirely different way: in real life! You can use your smartphone camera to recognise your surroundings and present the digital graphics from your cards into the real world. Now, not only can you collect cards, but augmented reality revolutionises collectables enabling you to interact with all your favorite characters in real-time. 

Showcase your collections to the world

Not only will you be able to view your favorite characters up close and personal, but you will be able to record your interactions and the scenes that you make and save the footage to your device. This is great fun for you to revisit and playback your adventures with the characters from your cards, but it’s also helping to integrate social media with collectables, enabling you to showcase your collections to the world. Your friends and followers will be amazed by the hyper-realistic graphics and it is much more impressive than an album of stickers or cards. 

Technology is constantly improving

Augmented reality is snowballing in popularity and the technology is only getting bigger and better. While smartphones and mobile applications are currently needed to bring your digital collectables to life, it won’t be long until AR glasses or headsets with the same capabilities are commonplace, further merging fiction with reality. As the technology grows, you’ll also be able to add more to your collectables, such as upgraded weapons or skins, unique character movements, and other props. Your digital collectables will constantly evolve with an endless supply of new additions to be found. 

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