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Your ultimate guide to trading AR character discs

Your ultimate guide to trading AR character discs

Augmented reality (AR) has revolutionised the world of hobbies and collectables, transporting your favorite characters into the real world where you can engage and interact with them first-hand. AR Discs is the first to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds through our AR character discs, each its own DreamWorks movie character. 

With AR certain to play an important role in the future of collectables, here is everything you need to know about trading AR character discs to help you expand and grow your new collection.  

Swap meets

AR collectables may be new, but trading at old-fashioned swap meets is still a great way to hunt down your missing pieces or find those rarer characters. You will be able to find the local swap meets near you by conducting a quick Google search and can head along to see what’s available. There will be all sorts of collectables at these events, so you may even be able to trade your AR character disc for another collectable entirely! Trading with friends, colleagues, or classmates is another simple yet effective method. 

Digital marketplaces

If you want to take things digital, online marketplaces are another great way to swap your augmented reality discs with others. Market-leading Amazon is a popular choice thanks to its ease of use, great reputation (and you can find us there too!), and global customer base, but Facebook Marketplace can be a great way to swap your duplicates for new discs or buy rarer characters. eBay is another popular option, and thanks to bidding-style buying, you can sometimes pick up rare AR character disks for a bargain price. 

However, if you are selling more common items, it can be difficult to be seen on such large sites. If selling, consider the time you post your listings and both the captions and images used for the greatest success. 

Value of AR collectables

As with any type of collectable, the value of each disc will only increase over time. Whether you’re collecting your favorite DreamWorks characters for fun or to make a profit, there is a great opportunity for both. For this reason, it’s best to expand your collection sooner, as the popularity of augmented reality collectables and this new evolution of the traditional trading card is set to skyrocket. This will provide you with entertainment now and the potential for more profit in the future, as larger and complete collections will go for more. Plus, you can snap the rarer discs up before anyone else!