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New Generation of Collectibles: Augmented Reality Brings Characters to Life

New Generation of Collectibles: Augmented Reality Brings Characters to Life

Here at AR Discs, we’re looking to lead the way when it comes to exclusive interactive collectibles content. 

This is why we’ve partnered with DreamWorks, the legendary animation studio which has delivered family-friendly storytelling and much-loved characters to homes and cinemas for over 25 years. 

Our latest collectibles enable children and collectors alike to bring these characters to life like never before; Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, Madagascar, Boss Baby, Trolls and How to Train Your Dragon are just some of the iconic movies and characters you can now experience in augmented reality.  

Who is DreamWorks? 

If you grew up in the nineties or have had children since, the chances are you will have been taken to the cinema, gathered around the sofa to watch a film, or bought a piece of memorabilia relating to a DreamWorks creation. 

Acting as an extended part of your family, the animation studio prides itself on showing how the people and characters you would least expect to become heroes can take on incredible journeys to make their dreams come true. 

Combining hilarious lines, emotionally moving scenes and feelgood entertainment many generations can relate to, it doesn’t get much better than DreamWorks when it comes to igniting the imagination. 

How do I purchase the discs?

You can purchase trading packs and a collectors folder (to keep track of which characters you still need to collect) from retailers such as Amazon, with each pack containing one disc/trading card that represents a DreamWorks movie character. 

Once you receive your discs in the post, you can use the physical discs much as you would standard trading cards and collectibles, with an image of the character and the ability to connect to other DreamWorks discs providing that traditional, tangible feel of collectables that we all know and love.

There are a total of 80 DreamWorks AR Discs to collect, which includes the much sought after, limited edition gold discs!  

Why did we use augmented reality (AR) technology? 

Simply put, AR provides a unique way for people to view virtual content from within their own reality. Imagine your child opening an AR Discs pack for the first time, setting it down on their bedroom floor, and seeing their face light up as the character springs to life alongside all their other favourite toys and belongings. 

While there is always a certain separation between the ‘real’ world and the virtual one when watching films and tv shows through a screen, the idea that DreamWorks’ characters can come to life within your home is infinitely enticing.

AR has allowed us to increase the level of engagement and interaction for a meaningful user experience that goes beyond the traditional idea of a collectible – it’s personal, accessible and inexpensive. 

How have AR Discs captured the magic of the films and characters?

Now comes the really interesting part. To activate the AR capability stored within the disc image, you will simply need to download either the Apple Store or Google Play Store  AR Discs app to your compatible smartphone or tablet.  

Once installed, all you have to do is hover the camera over the image of your DreamWorks disk character, which will utilise advanced AR technology to create a 3D animation of said character before your very eyes.

Wait, there’s more! By further interacting with the app, you can unlock more information on the character, as well as access memorable movie clips relating to the film in which they appeared. 

By moving your device closer or further away from the disc, you can also change the size of the interactive content on your screen, ensuring you are in full control. 

Combining physical and virtual play

The DreamWorks discs themselves look great even before you activate their AR functionality. 

For example, our Tai Lung disc shows off the mean streak of Kung Fu Panda’s main protagonist, with his angry stare encircled by a shimmering circle of colour that changes as it reflects light when you move it in your hand. 

This also makes it easier to trade discs with friends and family members, which still harks back to excitable playground discussion as you barter off your prized collectibles with others.  

Expertly aligning the real and virtual worlds, wait for the gasps of those around you that haven’t seen the discs in action before when you activate their AR features. 

The novelty of looking at the discs turns into gasps of anticipation as the much-lauded innovation of DreamWorks comes to life in an instant. Once children have gathered more discs, there is also the added replay factor of being able to pick their favourite discs out of their collectors to revisit the animated worlds time and time again. 

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