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Alternative Easter Gifts That Last Much Longer Than Chocolate

Alternative gifts that last much longer than chocolate

Whether it’s for a birthday, to say well done or just because, it’s easy to turn to chocolate for a quick fix gift. If you’re looking for something a little more creative,  our new generation augmented reality collectables are a fantastic alternative that  the whole family will enjoy! Perfect for all ages and occasions, here are just a few reasons they make a wonderful gift – and something that your recipient will be delighted to receive too!

1. They’re new and exciting

Our groundbreaking augmented reality discs bring favourite characters to life and blur the lines between virtual and physical play. This is achieved thanks to exciting new technology and AR image recognition. Simply download the free AR Discs app to your mobile device and hover over the discs to access the hyper-realistic video content. Your characters will appear before your very eyes, impressing the entire family from young to old. 

2. You can keep on collecting 

We are redefining what it means to be a collectable and have 80 different DreamWorks characters currently available, with more due later this year to add to your collection. This includes the likes of Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, the Madagascar cast, and the characters from How to Train Your Dragon. We reckon with such a huge cast of characters to collect, AR Discs are a great seasonal gift. Why not make it a family tradition to keep adding to your collection during different holidays throughout the year? There will always be new characters to own and love; with AR Discs, the fun never ends!

3. Helps develop social skills

As a collectable and an alternative to traditional trading cards, AR Discs also help to develop social skills. Kids can trade discs with their friends and family members to form a complete collection of their favourite movie characters. Children can learn how to negotiate and make decisions, helping them to develop while providing plenty of fun and excitement. 

4. They interlock to make models

Not only do our augmented reality discs make a great new collectable, but the intelligent design also allows for hands-on play, a fantastic perk when many tech toys have taken things totally digital. Each disc can be interlocked with another to create 3D models or displays, combining the latest technology with traditional building blocks and modelling toys. Plus, the displays can last a lifetime and be enjoyed over and over again.